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In my latest post we had a look at the relation between couture and deconstruction. During the past decades we could watch kind of a competition. Long existing designers and houses seem to just adopt the deconstruction-vibe, eliminating too much of their own philosophy and what they were traditionally known for. What’s so interesting with those two “fashion-poles”, couture and deconstruction, is, that they start to slowly trickle into another aside from eliminating each other. A nice starting point I guess.

A nice example for the mix of the deconstruction vs. couture (maintaining own tradition) is the Alexander McQueen Show SS 2018 by Sarah Burton. She managed to combine the feeling of romantic past decades, with the cut of deconstruction.

Sure, we want new trends, because this is what fashion is all about. But the collections sometimes loose their originality, the vibe which the brand once stood for. It’s replaced by new trends, which sometimes get completely soaked up into the brand.

Click here for a deeper insight on Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton.

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Collection of Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton Womenswear 2017, sending deconstructed elements into romantic couture. photo: © Kim WestonArnold /

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Balenciaga Ready to Wear 2017 – Another fashion house which adopted deconstruction is Balenciaga.


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