The Right Balance.

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Healthy Banana Pancakes Strawberry Topping

The right balance – why?

You probably know that it’s all about the right balance to keep your body healthy, energized and full of power. What goes inside our body gets reflected in our whole health condition. For some of us it’s more visible, for some of us less and this depends on the body’s sensibility. Take for example skin issues, diabetes or other chronical disease which can appear after years.

Sure, we don’t have to strictly give up ice-cream or other delicious things completely. It’s important to hold it on a small percentage of your whole weekly basis and we have to remind us that one piece of sweets or fruits is enough sugar for the whole day. Very hard sometimes.

How to balance?

The more processed our food is, the less nourishing vitamins and minerals it contains. For this reason the top daily meals consist of fruits, vegetables and organicly derived dark grains. There are so many delicious recipes out there which are waiting for us to be prepared! The rawer the better and if you follow this easy rule you will stay in good health. Reaching your dream weight won’t be a problem anymore.

Take care of your body and your body will give you the reward. If you’re interested in how I made those strawberry pancakes just let me know!

xoxo Karo



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